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Scottish Power Contact NumberScottish power gas and electricity supplies, is a vertically integrated company with its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. It is part of the Iberdrola group, and the second largest gas and electricity distributor in UK. With approximately 9 million customers.

The company operates and manages a flexible portfolio of gas, wind power and hydroelectric power stations. Scottish power is responsible for generation, transmission, supplying and trading gas and electricity to residential, firms and small and medium enterprises customers. For more information, you can use Scottish power contact number.


Apart from gas and electricity supplies, Scottish power also offers a rage of benefits to its customers at no extra charge. It offers 10% discount to customers who signs up to the energy-plus Argos tariffs. It has a standard gas, electricity and dual fuel tariffs that charges lower cost to customers. The company also manages an online prepayment meter tariffs which enable customers to control the mount of energy they consume.
Special packages for customers with particular requirements, for example, the elderly, chronically sick or disabled. It also majors on professional-installation for home insulators and boiler services for its customers. For more information, you can got to the website or use Scottish power contact number.


The company has it headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. However, it has incorporated the brands such as Southern electric, SWALEC, Atlantic electric and gas and Scottish hydro plants. It also owns 50% Scotia gas networks and Scottish hydro electricity distribution and supply.

We have the best customer service departments, energy service departments, customer administration departments, accounting and management departments, engineering departments, environmental departments and human resource department in all its branches.

Company history.

The company was formed in 1990, in preparation for the privitisation of Scottish electricity industry previously owned by the state. It survived the privatisation to become a model for the many gas and electricity companies in UK in 2001. Later in 1999, south electric and Scottish hydro-electric merged with Scottish power to form Scottish and South energy group.

In 2000 and 2004, it acquired SWALEC and Atlantic electric and gas respectively. Now Scottish power has grown into one of the largest energy supply companies in UK and has over 9 million customers.

General information.

We are electricity and gas suppliers group offers utility services to millions of customers across UK and the Western USA. Its privatisation has resulted into a magnificent growth as well as major acquisition in US and UK utilities sectors.

The company is committed to environment. For instance, it has been implementing a number of renewable electricity initiatives for many years-building wind firms, using hydro power and turning waste to energy. Scottish power is one of largest wind firm planer and developer in UK. For more information, you can use Scottish power contact number.

Scottish Power Contact Number 0843 455 0116.

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