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Budgeting Loan Number 0843 455 0031.

Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031.

Budgeting Loan NumberFinancial problems can happen to anybody at any time. When such unexpected costs hit you, you may not have the savings from which you can withdraw and be able to replace later on. If you are on a low income and you are not able to meet the payment, you may be eligible to get some financial help via the Budgeting Loan Number. There are different ways you may be able to raise the money you need to support yourself. One way of getting financial support is borrowing from a friend or a bank. Friends may not be in a position to help and the banks add some interest to the amount of money you will borrow. However, there is a better solution to solve your financial difficulty or limitation. Ringing the Budgeting Loan Number could provide you with the financial support you need.

You may be in a position to get a budgeting loan, if you as the applicant or your partner, have been receiving payments for either of the following for the last 26 weeks or more.

• Income support.
• State pension credit.
• Income-related employment and support allowance.
• Income-based jobseeker’s allowance.

Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031.

Budgeting loans are there to help you get the money together to meet the costs of some of your expensive basic needs. Such as clothing and footwear, rent, furniture or household goods or travelling expenses. Specific items that you may need when starting to look for work. Or if you have successfully obtained a job and you need work items to enable you to take up the position. Can be purchased using you Budgeting Loan payment. You may also qualify for a Budgeting Loan to assist you with any removal expenses incurred when you move home, maternity and funeral expenses, repaying hire purchase or other debts.

Budgeting loans range from a hundred pounds to a maximum of one thousand five hundred pounds (£100-£1,500). The loans will be repaid out of your weekly benefits. However, the final amount of the money you will be granted depends on the number of people living with you. The potential you have to repay the loan, any existing debt that you owe to the social fund and your savings.

The urgency of your need and any health related problems you or your family have, may not be taken into account.

There are different types of budgeting loans available. These are;

• Budgeting advances
• Short term advances
• Funeral expenses payments
• Winter weather payments
• Winter fuel payments.

Your savings will be taken into account during the process. Having savings over £1,000, or £2000 if you or your partner are over the age of 62, can affect your eligibility to qualify for a budgeting loan. However, there are no saving limits for funeral related payments. To see if you qualify for a budgeting loan you need to ring the Budgeting Loan Helpline where a customer service officer will process your claim.

Budgeting Loan Number 0843 455 0031.

Budgeting Loans are also known as the Social Fund, Social Fund was the old name for this facility, so you can use the Budgeting Loan Helpline Number so speak to a dedicated adviser if you have an old Social Fund loan in existence. All new applications will be referred to as Budgeting Loans.

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Budgeting Loan Numbers

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Social Fund 0843 455 0031
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