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Why Use Quick Numbers Telephone Directory?

Are you trying to contact a certain business? Looking for an old co-worker? Maybe receiving calls from an unknown business on your phone? Here at Quick Numbers we offer a complete web-based telephone directory to help you locate a business.

The Quick Numbers search directory is updated regularly with contact information for businesses across the country. That includes contact number, address and business website. We verify that each listing maintains its integrity by ensuring all contact information is constantly valid. Quick Numbers is different than the usual business directory.

We genuinely care about your needs which is why with the click of a button we’ll connect you to any business.

How Quick Numbers Works

Search a business by its type, phone number or name. It’s that simple! Click the call button and we’ll instantly connect you with your selected business. Find restaurants, churches, colleges, nightlife, spas, etc… If we’re missing something Quick Numbers will search through Google, Bing and Yahoo to find your chosen companies phone number. It’s our job to ensure you find the correct business, that’s how we keep you happy and generate our revenue.

It’s very common for a business to change numbers or expand their corporate office to new locations. This fluctuation often can make it difficult to contact the right phone number. That’s why Quick Numbers is the most complete phone directory and simplifies your problems by providing the most up to date numbers.

What Users of Quick Numbers Had to Say

Being a paid service we have helped thousands of people and wanted you to hear what they had to say. These are a few reviews which we have received from our customers, these are not paid actors!

Jennifer Wilson – 33 – Bradford, England. “My friend Sarah recommended me a job with a company, but she didn’t provide me with any contact information other than the name. Quick Numbers helped me find the company’s phone number by searching the business name and routed my call over to a representative. I don’t think I would have found this Mum and Dads restaurant’s number without the assistance from Quick Numbers.”

Oliver Davies – 57 – Worthing, England. “I received a charge on my credit card from a business I didn’t recognise. On my online banking there was no contact information for the business either. After searching on Google I found Quick Numbers and used the info from my bill to find the business. Turns out somebody had fraudulent used my credit card! Lucky for me they were able to resolve the issue in nine days.”

Jessica Evans – 24 – Perth, Scotland. “For two months my phone would ring at 3pm, when I would answer a robotic voice would disconnect me. It got so frustrating that I took the phone number and ran it through Quick Numbers. Found out the corporate address was actually local, so I went over and spent thirty minutes yelling about the issue. Turned out it was their automated machine had an internal problem.”

Who Are Quick Numbers

Quick Numbers is a web-based telephone directory service. We aim to help you find a companies phone number by searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. Optimising our pages so that we get into the top 20 search results. Preferably in the top 10 so you can find our numbers quickly. Some example numbers that we list are: tax rebate phone number, swalec contact number, Budgeting loans

Quick Numbers will not charge an initial connection charge, but you phone provider might, not like some other phone-based directory enquiry services that could cost you up to £2.05p for a 45 second call, from a landline or if you were connected by the phone based directory enquiries company form a T-Mobile would cost you £12.24, click here to read about the costs.

Quick Numbers charge by the minute, 7p for a 084 number and 10p for a 087 number, these prices are from a BT landline, costs will vary from other providers and will be more from a mobile.