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Who Are Quick Numbers

Quick Numbers is a web based telephone directory service. We aim to help you find a companies phone number by searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. Optimising our pages so that we get into the top 20 listings, preferably the top 10 so you can find our numbers quickly.

Quick Numbers will not charge an initial connection charge, but you phone provider might, not like some other phone based directory enquiry services that could cost you up to £2.05p for a 45 second call, from a landline or if you were connected by the phone based directory enquiries company form a T-Mobile would cost you £12.24, click here to read about the costs.

Quick Numbers charge by the minute, 5p for a 084 number and 10p for a 087 number, these prices are from a BT landline, costs will very from other providers and will be more from a mobile.

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